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Bollywood’s BFF Orhan Awatramani aka Orry, has once again attempted to describe what he does for a living. And like last time, he only ended up creating more confusion about the enigma that he is. In a new interview, Orry called himself a ‘liver’. No, nothing to do with the largest internal organ in the human body.

Orry is known for sharing inside pictures from Bollywood parties and being friends with almost every A-lister.
Orry is known for sharing inside pictures from Bollywood parties and being friends with almost every A-lister.

Talking to an interviewer in a clip that is going viral, Orry reasons why he should be called a ‘liver’. “You go for a job, you are a jobber. You paint, you are a painter. I am living, I am a liver. Yea, I am a liver,” he said, repeating the word ‘liver’ multiple times.

Orry shared the video on his IG page and wrote, “I never ever want to be asked ‘bhoi tu karta kya he ever (bro, what do you do) again.’ Now you know. Cat’s out of the bag.”

How the internet reacted

Internet was amused by his peculiar reply. “Rich kids are liver. We are appendix,” read a comment. Another called him, “Narayan Murthy’s worst nightmare.” A comment also read, “After listening to this, I’m leaving. I am a leaver.”

A person also defended Orry’s choice to simply not have a job. “People unhappy with their own lives, because they’re not able to achieve anything, will obviously comment hate on to Orry’s lifestyle. You need to understand that he doesn’t need to work like you! Even you’re not working the way you should so why should he.”

A marketing genius?

Orry also shared a post about how he might actually be a marketing genius who might soon become ‘famous for being famous’ like the Kardashians. Orry, however, said that the post might not be 100% true.

Earlier, Orry had said in another interview when asked about his job, “I am working on myself. I am going to the gym, I am doing a lot of self-reflection, sometimes I do Yoga, I go for a massage, I am working, but I am working on myself.”

Orry used to be schoolmates with the rich kids of Bollywood. A few years ago, Kiara Advani revealed in an interview that Orry’s older brother was her classmate and Orry was her junior in school.

These days, he is known for his cosy pictures with celebrities at Diwali and birthday parties, being BFFs with all the star kids and his whacky phone covers.

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