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A video of a cat with impeccable manners was shared on social media. It captures how the adorable kitty asks for permission by knocking on a door before entering a room.

Several people took to the comments section to praise the cat. (Instagram/@reznor_and_family)
Several people took to the comments section to praise the cat. (Instagram/@reznor_and_family)

The video is posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the cat named Reznor. The clip opens to show Reznor standing outside a door and looking inside a room. After a few moments of staring, the cat slowly gets near the door and raises its paw. You would expect that the cat is going to scratch the door, but instead, the polite kitty softly knocks on it.

As the video progresses, Reznor enters the room to go to his pet parent. In the background, the a woman is heard laughing and saying how he doesn’t need to knock to enter a room. (Also Read: Three cats try catching a pigeon. Watch what happens at the end)

Take a look at this video of the well-mannered cat:

The video was shared last month. Since then, it has collected several likes, comments, and views. Several people have also reshared the video across various social media platforms.

How did Instagram users react to the video?

“He is a gentleman. He will always be,” posted an Instagram user. “What a gentleman Mr. Reznor! I love it. Such a good boy,” shared another. “Rez: Look at me I’m a distinguished gentleman,” joked a third. “So cute, looks like a real-life Garfield,” added a fourth, referencing a famous cartoon character. “He’s so amazing I bet his cuddles are warm,” wrote a fifth. Many reacted to the video using heart emoticons.

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