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Fukrey 3 is out in theaters and has marked the return of the original Fukrey gang including Pulkit Samrat, who plays Hunny, and Manjot Singh, who is in the role of his close friend Lalli. The two have now opened up about filming of the funniest scenes in the film that also stars Richa Chadha as Bholi, Varun Sharma as Choocha and Pankaj Tripathi as Panditji. The hilarious Fukrey 3 trailer showed a glimpse of quite a few funny sequences including the boys hanging in the air over a crocodile-ridden pool and campaigning during polls on nothing but a war tank. Also read: Richa Chadha loves Fukrey 3’s Bholi: ‘Because she’s very clear about what she wants’

Manjot Singh and Pulkit Samrat star as Lalli and Hunny in Fukrey 3.
Manjot Singh and Pulkit Samrat star as Lalli and Hunny in Fukrey 3.

In a candid interview with Hindustan Times, Pulkit and Manjot talked about the challenges they faced while shooting the mid-air torture scene as well as the fun they had while shooting on a tank. They also shared more about all the pain they went through during the making of the film. Excerpts:

How wild is Fukrey 3 after the earlier two successful instalments?

Manjot: Manjot – Didn’t you see the crocodile in the trailer?

Share your first reaction on hearing the script.

Pulkit: We didn’t know that we were getting a narration. It was more of a zoom meeting in the middle of lockdown. And then we got to know that we are actually hearing the script of Fukrey 3. Personally, I don’t think I could hear anything till the interval point. I was just very excited that the third part is being made. I feel the new chamatkar (miracle), the antics and the scale has become bigger and wilder. There are more colors and three times more fun, literally, but the best part was by the end of it, all of us felt that the soul is intact. The honesty is intact, the innocence of the characters is intact, and that is what makes Fukrey a franchise that works with people. So we are very happy that it was worth the wait for us as well.

Manjot: The Fukrey films hold a lot of importance in my career. Fukrey was my first film for which I was on the poster. It was a big thing for me. When Fukrey was offered to me, I had said yes without even reading the script. because I could relate with the title. I’m from Delhi and whenever I had a fight with my dad, he would call me ‘fukra’. I thought I should definitely do a film in which I was the actual fukra. Coming from a non-film background and from Delhi, it’s like a dream come true. I had not even dreamt about it and it came true.

The scene where Lalli, Chhocha and Panditji are hanging at a height over a pool, that must have been difficult.

Pulkit: It was too much fun. They were literally there for like 45 mins at a go. They used to get a 10 minute break and it wasn’t for them to take a walk. It was just to touch the ground.

Manjot: This was because it was me, Varun and Panditji who were hanging. I can’t explain the pain but I was very excited for that scene ever since I read it in the script. It was so scorching hot at 48 degress and we were hanging over a swimming pool, the expressions that were needed came out naturally. Our skin started peeling, we couldn’t get a touch up. It was very tough but fun.

People may find it funny. We make sacrifices so that the audience can laugh in theaters. If they get it, it’s a victory for the actors and the makers.

There is a tank scene as well in the middle of a road…

Pulkit: This was probably the most difficult film for all of us because of the locations, the weather, and the kind of logistics that we had to face. The tank sequence where we shot, the temperature was again around 47 degrees. It was scorching heat in the middle of Delhi and our skin was literally peeling off. We had to shoot the next day again, and we had to look fresh as ever in spite of shooting in that heat. What makes it really worth it is the result that you see on the screen. There are people walking in front of the tanks, people screaming and chanting from their balconies in the middle of Delhi. And there’s a huge tank right there on the road. Manjot will tell you how hot it was because he was sitting on it.

Manjot: My scars are still there.

What’s the funniest experience you had on sets?

Pulkit: We actually shot at a waterpark. We would run to a roller coaster, take a round, come back again with a blood rush, deliver a line while struggling to stand because of the headrush from the roller coaster and would go on another long, huge ride. It was so much fun, because there was no queue, no crowd, nothing. The entire waterpark was for us. So it was literally our childhood dream coming true. We went on all the rides.

Along with Varun Sharma’s Choocha, Pankaj Tripathi’s Panditji was also with you on sets. Share your experience of working with Pankaj.

Pulkit: The most difficult thing to do on set for us was also the funniest thing. His expression, when he was not even saying a single dialogue, would leave us in splits and it would become very difficult to do it in a single take or 2-3 days. We literally had 20-21 takes with him because we were laughing and couldn’t deliver our lines.


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