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A puppy was pulled to safety by rescuers after being trapped in a San Antonio sewer line for more than eight hours. According to reports, the incident occurred when three little puppies were playing near the main sewer and accidentally fell into it. Despite the efforts of the San Antonio Fire Department to rescue all three, the last pup remained trapped. The firefighters then contacted San Antonio Water System (SAWS), who helped rescue the third puppy.

Puppy rescued from sewer after hours-long operation. (X/@MySAWS)
Puppy rescued from sewer after hours-long operation. (X/@MySAWS)

According to KSAT, the rescue took time because the team had to nudge the puppy gently with camera equipment 10 feet at a time for a total distance of 200 feet. After the successful rescue, the puppy, which the rescuers named Pipa, was taken to the vet for a check-up before being returned to its owners.

“Sewer Surprise: Late Wednesday night, SAWS crews used televising cameras to rescue a puppy which somehow found its way into the system through a private line. Pup was picked up by ACS and taken to a vet to be checked out,” reads the caption written alongside the photos shared on X.

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“So proud of our SAWS family….” posted an individual.

Another added, “Yay for SAWS! Thank you! Poor little guy.”

“Heroes,” wrote a third.

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