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Rajveer Deol has said that his entire family, including his father Sunny Deol, did not want him to pursue acting as a profession. Speaking at the trailer launch of his debut film Dono, Rajveer said that looking at his father’s trajectory in the industry, they feared for his financial stability and wanted him to stay away from films. Rajveer Deol is the youngest son of Sunny Deol. (Also read: Gadar 2 scores 503.7 crore)

Sunny Deol and Rajveer Deol pose for a photograph during the trailer launch of Rajveer's debut Dono in Mumbai on September 4.(AFP)
Sunny Deol and Rajveer Deol pose for a photograph during the trailer launch of Rajveer’s debut Dono in Mumbai on September 4.(AFP)

Film industry is unpredicatble

A PTI report quoted Rajveer as saying that his parents never wanted him to become an actor, and wanted him to study and do something else. “It’s because this industry is so unpredictable. You are happy for a second and (feel) miserable the next. In fact, my father got a hit (Gadar 2) after 22 years. But unfortunately, I fell in love with acting.” Sunny, along with his brother Bobby Deol and cousin Abhay Deol, attended the trailer launch of Dono.

Rajveer fell in love with acting

Talking about how he fell in love with acting, Rajveer said he was always influenced by movies and loved acting. “I felt one could just disguise themselves in the characters. So, this is what I wanted to do. My family advised me to work hard. They told me not to be a star and become an actor first as the characters will get more work and that is what I want to do,” he added.

Rajveer: ‘They expect me to beat 100 people’

Rajveer said his father Sunny Deol taught him dedication and determination, and to never give up. “He has the strongest back ever, he carries his whole life on his back.” He also said that he deliberately chose a romantic film for his debut to ensure he was not typecast in his father and grandfather’s images. “Like, they would expect me to choose to beat 100 people up, scream, and have a big body. I was in love with the craft and I love acting. I notice if I get typecasted in that, then it is not a good idea. It is important to have your own individual stamp in this industry,” Rajveer said.

Directed by Sooraj Barjatya’s son Avnish, Dono marks the debut of Poonam Dhillon’s daughter Paloma. Dono releases in theatres on October 5.

Sunny also spoke at the event and said he is proud as a parent but also scared. Dharmendra, who marked his virtual presence, urged fans to watch his 1970 film with Rajshri Productions (producer of Dono), Jeevan Mrityu. He added that he knows Dono will be a good film as it is made under the Rajshri banner.

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