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On Raksha Bandhan, sibling duo Ridhi Dogra (38) and Akshay Dogra (41), feel their bond is like a “rubber band”. “No matter how much we are going in the opposite direction, we end up coming together eventually,” says Akshay, as the two speak to us during a Rakhi-special shoot in Delhi. “For us, Raksha Bandhan means siblings day… Like how you have Valentine’s Day, Rakhi is like siblings day. If you have a good connection with your sibling, fir toh sone par suhaaga hai,” gushes Ridhi. As the two get super candid posing for pictures and even celebrate Rakhi for the HT City lens, we take them down memory lane and ask some questions to know their sibling bond better. Read on:

Actors Ridhi and Akshay Dogra celebrate Raksha Bandhan and pose exclusively for HT City. (Photos: Raajessh Kashyap)
Actors Ridhi and Akshay Dogra celebrate Raksha Bandhan and pose exclusively for HT City. (Photos: Raajessh Kashyap)


Ridhi: We have actually never had a fight. But recently, we had a disagreement, and that was probably the first time that we fought in our entire life. But, we think very similarly, so we had to accept that here we are thinking differently, but is it worth fighting with my brother, because we haven’t fought ever.”

Akshay: Thoda bahut irritate hona is different, but we have actually never fought. The most amazing thing about our bond is that no matter how much we are going in the opposite direction, it is like a rubber band, you join in the middle. We’ve been brought up well enough to not do anything stupid.


Ridhi: I have loved everything that he has given me, but my most favourite has to be the tattoo. I have only one tattoo and it was a gift from him, he paid for it. But this was many years ago, so I think it needs a redo. When I got the tattoo done, Akshay bhaiya and Sakshi (sister-in-law Sakshi Dogra) left me there in that painful process for 3 hours and came to pick me up.

Akshay: Ridhi gave me a very nice perfume, but the bottle broke. It was heartbreaking. So, I loved that gift but I was upset about it breaking.


Ridhi: The one thing that he has done is that if I tell him an exciting news about work, it has gone to four other people. And I always tell him that it’s unfair, because it has made me upset. It is natural also, because you are in joy and you don’t realise that it is important for the other person.

Akshay: If we have told each other anything, it always stays. Sibling goals! But sometimes, she does the same to me, tell other people my secrets. And, I am an over-sharer and I get excited. If I am proud of that person, I will tell other people.


Akshay: More than advice, we rant in front of each other. The advice that I always give is, ‘Be patient and stay the course’.

Ridhi: Because we are in the same profession, we can talk about many basic human things that you feel because of this profession that many people won’t understand, and we get each other. It’s also important that we are able to rant in front of each other. I told him once that, ‘Be careful and don’t trust people’.


“This one,” they both scream together rejoicing the fact that they had so much fun.

Akshay: After a long time we both are in Delhi, with our whole family around and even all our cousins. It is usually the two of us and that too gets difficult even when we both are in Bombay.

Ridhi: There have been a few Rakhis when we both weren’t together. I sent it to him with a heartfelt note. We have many sisters so he would have one of them to tie the Rakhi. We are a big family, so it is nice to be in Delhi together on this Raksha Bandhan.


Ridhi: He is Mr. Zen on the edge of a cliff because he is the most patient and calm person in our family. Its like he is balancing himself beautifully on an edge.

Akshay: She is a towering mountain. Because there is a lot that a mountain holds inside. It is ragged, beaten by the weather, but it touches the sky, along with being grounded.


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