Ridhi Dogra: I have proven myself enough, now I need the big roles and spotlight

After playing Kaveri Amma in the blockbuster Jawan, actor Ridhi Dogra hopes that opportunities will now open at par for her. “Your work should be enough to speak for you, and people should reach out and call you, and that has happened,” she continues. “I have got calls, but whether it materialises fully or not, let’s see.”

Ridhi Dogra on wanting big roles after Jawan
Ridhi Dogra on wanting big roles after Jawan

Pointing out the culture of only casting people who are out there, she remarks, “There is so much noise generally around certain people, and I am going to call them talentless, without having to make anybody, but because they are everywhere and they are papped, you will cast them, and it has always been like that, there is nothing new,” adding, “There were times when I was just an audience, and I would look at some people and think to myself, ‘Why is this person acting, and why is that person not doing it?’ After being an actor and in the industry, you get it.”

The 39-yar-old wants work for hardworking actors, instead of people who have familial connections in the industry. “I have so much love from the audience, but the industry needs to wake up. What is it that you need to do to prove yourself? I have proved myself time and again. What is probably not there is that I am nobody’s sister, nobody’s daughter, nephew or niece.”

“I am going to keep pushing it, wherever I can. If you work in a factory, and the factory owner is more comfortable talking to his bhatija, over the guy who is putting in hours and hours, you can’t do anything. I have proven myself enough, now I need the big roles and spotlight,” emphasises Dogra, last seen in Mumbai Diaries 26/11.

The actor also points out that many people in the entertainment industry can be a little lazy, in terms of casting the right people. “I want them to take actors who are diligent and take their work seriously. Put your money on people who are hardworking. I put my heart and soul into whichever role I play, chaahe chotta ho chaahe bada. But that doesn’t mean I will not express my desire,” she ends.

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