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On Raksha Bandhan 2023, veteran actor Saira Banu spoke about her late husband-actor Dilip Kumar and his relationship with his rakhi sister and singer Lata Mangeshkar. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Saira Banu shared several old pictures of Dilip and Lata. She also penned a long note and shared several interesting anecdotes. (Also Read | Saira Banu says Dilip Kumar proposed to her after her 22nd birthday, travelled every other night from Chennai for dinner)

Saira Banu penned a note on Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar on Raksha Bandhan 2023.
Saira Banu penned a note on Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar on Raksha Bandhan 2023.

Saira shares Dilip and Lata’s photos

In the first picture, Dilip Kumar placed his hand on Lata’s cheek who held it and smiled. While Lata draped a white saree, Dilip was seen in a white shirt, printed tie and blue suit. Saira also posted a clip of an interview of the duo.

In the next photo, Lata Mangeshkar tied a rakhi to Dilip. Both of them wore white outfits. The last picture, from a few years ago, showed Lata feeding a piece of sweet to Dilip as they both sat on a couch. While Lata wore a floral white sari, Dilip opted for a kurta and pyjama. Saira said it was the last picture when Lata visited their home.

Dilip Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar travelled in local trains

Sharing the pictures, Saira captioned the post, “The Kohinoor of Indian Cinema Dilip Sahib and the nightingale of the Music Industry of India Lata Mangeshkar held a connection beyond the dazzle of their stupendous stardom. They shared the bond of a brother and sister. In those golden quiet bygone days this legendary two-some found it comfortable to travel from their homes to their work spots in local trains which are also known as the life-line of this marvellous city Mumbai.”

Dilip Kumar helped Lata Mangeshkar with Urdu

She also added, “It was during this travelling time that they shared their thoughts, experiences, and sought each other’s advice. It was at one such journey that Sahib guided Lataji on how much the heart of Urdu lies in its flawless pronunciation and how something as simple as a Nukta adds a beautiful addition to words. Sahib emphasised that one must own the spoken languages with mastery. Lataji, an obedient sister in every sense, worked upon his advice and sought an Urdu tutor’s assistance. Since then, the world bore witness to her flawless pronunciation in her songs.”

Saira talks about Dilip and Lata’s relationship

“Despite being busy with work or travel or any personal commitments, they both would find a way to meet each other on Rakshabandhan and Lataji would tie the sacred Rakhi on Sahib’s hand. To my delight they both unfailingly followed this ritual year after year and I in return to this beautiful gesture sent her a brocade sari to her taste each time!”

Dilip and Lata at Royal Albert Hall

Saira also wrote, “Dilip Sahib bestowed upon her the honour of being introduced at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London where the echoes of the first Indian concert resounded. With utmost simplicity he called her on the stage, implicit charm. ‘Ye meri choti si behen bohat mukhtasar si, main inhein introduce karne aaya hoon (She is my young sister, I have come to introduce her)’. The audience roared with appreciation. Thousands of long playing records were made and sold to the public of this same function. Many years later he introduced her again similarly at the London Palladium.”

Picture when Lata last visited Dilip at his home

“This bond of brother and sister remained until the very end, in sickness and in health. She often came to our home to visit Sahib and they ate lunch or dinner together. The very last time that she came here she lovingly fed him with her own hands and they made such a loving picture together. Such was the love they shared…monumental!” she concluded her note.


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