Shah Rukh Khan congratulates PM Narendra Modi for G20 Summit in India | Bollywood

Actor Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter and penned down a heartfelt to congratulate PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi wrapped up the meeting on Sunday and India handed over the bloc presidency to Brazil. Hours after Narendra Modi shared a glimpse of the successful event, Shah Rukh praised the PM. Also read: Brazil President Lula says RRR had him ‘enchanted’

Shah Rukh Khan wishes PM Narendra Modi on G20 Summit in India.
Shah Rukh Khan wishes PM Narendra Modi on G20 Summit in India.

Shah Rukh Khan to PM Modi

Shah Rukh tweeted, “Congratulations to Hon. PM @narendramodi ji for the success of India’s G20 Presidency and for fostering unity between nations for a better future for the people of the world. It has brought in a sense of honour and pride into the hearts of every Indian. Sir, under your leadership, we will prosper not in isolation but in Oneness. One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

G20 Summit in India

PM Modi formally closed the summit by passing on a ceremonial gavel to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Brazil will take the bloc’s presidency on December 1. He said, “I want to congratulate Brazil’s president and my friend Lula da Silva, and hand over the presidency’s gavel to him.”

“Brazilian presidency of the G20 has three priorities – first, social inclusion and fight against hunger. Second, energy transition and sustainable development in its three aspects… Third, the reform of global governance institutions. All these priorities are part of the Brazilian presidency motto which says ‘building a fair world and a sustainable planet’. Two task forces will be created – global alliance against hunger and poverty and the global mobilisation against climate change,” President Lula said. PM Modi also proposed to hold a virtual session of G20 at the end of November.

Brazil president is enchanted by RRR

Meanwhile, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva also praised RRR. He told Firstpost, “RRR is a three-hour feature film and it has really funny scenes with beautiful dance in the film. There is a deep critique of British control over India and Indians. I sincerely believe this film should have been a blockbuster all around the world because everybody that talks to me, the first thing that I say is, have you watched the three-hour film Revolt Rebellion and Revolution? So, I congratulate the director and artists of the film because it enchanted me.”

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