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Siberian Huskies, with their boundless energy and striking appearance, are known to have a flair for drama. Blue, a Siberian Husky with his own Instagram page, perfectly fits the description. He never misses a chance to express himself, and a video shows one such moment where he is seen arguing with his pet dad.

The image shows a Siberian Husky named Blue with his pet dad. (Instagram/@imbluethesiberian)
The image shows a Siberian Husky named Blue with his pet dad. (Instagram/@imbluethesiberian)

“Well… at least we tried to share!” reads the comment posted along with the video. The clip opens with a text insert that reads, “Pretending to take the dogs’ new bed.” In the video, a man is seen entering a room and lying down on a small pet bed. Within moments, Blue enters the room and stares at his pet dad in disbelief.

He then embarks on the mission to get the man out of his bed. To reach his goal, the pooch loudly barks at the man, pushes even, and even tries to take the bed away. When all his attempts fail, the dog finally gets angrier and storms out of the room. What makes the video even funnier is how he slams the door while going out of the room.

Take a look at this video of the dramatic Siberian Husky:

The video was posted on October 10. Since then, it has gone viral. Till now, the video has collected close to 8.9 million views. The share has also accumulated tons of comments from people. Some also tagged others in the comments section to share the video with them.

How did Instagram user react to this video of the Siberian Husky:

“Wow he was really mad at you. Haha. Poor Blue – Dad was only trying to share. You do always sleep in his bed so he’s got a point,” posted an Instagram user. “Your bed is our bed and mine is mine,” joked another. “This is the greatest. Love it,” added a third. “Haha, the ending, lol,” commented a fourth. “This is so hilarious,” wrote a fifth.

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