Soni Razdan pens warm note for Alia, Shaheen, Pooja Bhatt on Daughters Day | Bollywood

Soni Razdan took to her Instagram handle and penned down a note on Daughters Day. Not only did she tag her daughters Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt but also included her stepchildren, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt, in the post. Soni and Mahesh Bhatt have two daughters – Alia and Shaheen. Also read: Alia Bhatt says she was initially defensive when asked about nepotism, later realised her privilege

Soni Razdan, Shaheen Bhatt with Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt in a family pic.
Soni Razdan, Shaheen Bhatt with Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt in a family pic.

Soni posts on Daughters’ Day

Soni posted happy memories with her children. The first photo showed Alia and Shaheen together at an eatery. It was followed by a happy selfie of Soni and Shaheen from a vacation. The last one was a family photo where Soni and Shaheen were joined by Mahesh, Rahul and Pooja.

Sharing all the photos, Soni wrote in the caption of the photo, “Happy Daughters Day … you make life so wonderful cannot imagine it without you all … Happy sons day too while we’re at it because somehow we always miss that one. Blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. Thank you a hundred times for the sheer joy you bring mostly without realising it or probably intending to.”

Pooja Bhatt reacts to Soni Razdan

Soon after she posted it, Pooja Bhatt commented, “Ahhhh! So much love & gratitude for having you in our lives Soni!” “I can’t even tell you guys how beautiful y’all look that breaking all the stereotypes revolving around broken families, stepbrother, brother, sisters etc.. You guys are truly an amazing inspiration for one and all,” added one person. Someone also said, “Alia is a carbon copy of you.”

The Bhatt family

Mahesh Bhatt was previously married to Kiran Bhatt. They had Pooja and Rahul. Later, Mahesh met Soni Razdan during the Saaransh shoot. They got married on April 20, 1986, and had Alia and Shaheen.

While Soni and Pooja’s relationship wasn’t cordial initially, now the two have mended their bond. Pooja had said in an interview with Stardust earlier that she did resent Mahesh for leaving her mother. She also said that she “used to hate Soni for snatching away” their father. She had said, “There used to be times when I used to flare up at the very mention of her (Soni’s) name.”

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