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There are several videos of cats that might leave you stunned. From cats performing stunts to snatching food from dogs, these kinds of clips never fail to amaze us. Now, another such cat video is going viral on social media. It shows how a cat skillfully climbed a wall.

Snapshot of the cat scaling the wall. (Instagram)
Snapshot of the cat scaling the wall. (Instagram)

The video was shared on Instagram by the handle ‘Why you should have a cat.’ This page often shares several kinds of cat-related videos. In their latest clip, you can see a human pointing a laser light at the cat. When the human puts the light on the wall, the cat follows it instantly and scales the wall without any difficulties. (Also Read: Sneaky cat snatches food bowl from dog. Watch how the pooch reacts)

Watch the video of the cat here:

This post was shared on Instagram just five days ago. Since being posted, it has garnered close to 10 million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about the post here:

An individual wrote, “Bro forgot that gravity exists.”

A second joked, “Wait till he climbs the corporate ladder.”

A third shared, “That’s spidermeow’

A fourth posted, “Gravity has left the chat.”

“I’m sure your cat was bitten by a radioactive spider,” commented a fifth.


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