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Kusha Kapila recently moved to Mumbai from Delhi. In June, the actor and social media personality had announced her split from Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. Kusha, who has been busy promoting her upcoming films Sukhee and Thank You For Coming, has now opened the doors of her swanky new Mumbai apartment: it is stylish and inviting. She also opened up about how she wanted her home to feel aesthetic, but also be functional. Also read: Kusha Kapila pens a note on grief after separation with Zorawar

You might just want to move into Kusha Kapila's chic new home. (All pics: Beautiful Homes)
You might just want to move into Kusha Kapila’s chic new home. (All pics: Beautiful Homes)

In a new video shared by Beautiful Homes on YouTube, Kusha Kapila opened up about choosing the right layout, furniture, and colour palette for the house. She said about the design process, “It took a month or 40 days for this entire place to come together, which was very, very quick.”

On decorating the house of her dreams

Speaking about the feel of her Mumbai apartment, Kusha said, “Building a new home in a new city can be extremely daunting, especially if you don’t know where to find things in that new city. And there is a certain aesthetic you want in your home, and you want everything to be aligned and cohesive, so you can have a space that immediately screams you! But a home cannot be aesthetic only, it has to be functional also.”

Kusha Kapila's new Mumbai home has an open layout living room.
Kusha Kapila’s new Mumbai home has an open layout living room.

Minimalist aesthetic

Defined by a mood of timelessness, the living area features an understated colour palette of soft browns and neutrals. The furniture and furnishings have been carefully chosen to complement the home’s white and brown colour theme. The open layout living room harmoniously balances classical touches with modern sensibilities.

Kusha Kapila's home has a brown and white colour theme.
Kusha Kapila’s home has a brown and white colour theme.

Modern-meets-Indian living room

The furniture – wooden bookshelf and arms chairs – gives the living room an Indian aesthetic and adds to the aura of Wabi-Sabi in the space. The wooden furniture is combined with a snug L-shaped sofa. The layout creates a comfortable space for Kusha and her guests to chill in.

Kusha Kapila's dining room is minimalistic like the rest of the house.
Kusha Kapila’s dining room is minimalistic like the rest of the house.

Dining area with cosy vibe

Next to the living space in another cosy and inviting area, the dining space, which is also adorned with wooden and wicker furniture. There is a round table with lush white upholstered chair.

The mini bar with mood lighting as well as sleek and chic wicker cabinet has an old-world charm. It won’t be wrong to say that the clutter-free bar is the focal point of the dining room. Bright white walls with wooden panelling serve as the perfect backdrop for some interesting light fixtures.

Kusha Kapila's mini bar looks beautiful.
Kusha Kapila’s mini bar looks beautiful.

All-white bedroom with massive mirror

Inside one of the rooms, aesthetic lighting and white colour-scheme provide continuity to the design narrative. Oscar de la Renta may have said it best: “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” Inside what appears to be Kusha’s bedroom-cum-dressing room, those words couldn’t ring truer.

The mirror, lit up with an led frame, literally takes centrestage in the room, which also features white cupboard, white cabinet and matching white walls.

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