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An Instagram reel featuring a student dancing to the upbeat song Punjabi Mutiyaran has gone viral. The video, recorded at Chitkara University, showcases the student’s impressive dance moves. It may prompt you to get up and bust a move or two.

Yashima Juneja dancing to the song Punjabi Mutiyaran. (Instagram/
Yashima Juneja dancing to the song Punjabi Mutiyaran. (Instagram/

“Presenting our Queen brings the energy of Punjab to Square 1, creating unforgettable memories at Chitkara University! Vibing all around,” reads the caption of the video shared on the Instagram page Dhawan Dance Studio. A text insert on the video reads, “That one girl in every group who gets mad the second she hears Punjabi music.”

The video shows the student Yashima Juneja in a green kurta pyjama grooving to the beats of the song Punjabi Mutiyaran. As she dances, the crowd cheers her on, and many record her dance moves on their cameras.

Watch the video of a woman dancing to the song Punjabi Mutiyaran here:

Since being shared on August 23, the video has gone viral with over 2.1 million views, and the numbers are still increasing.

Here’s how people reacted to this dance video:

“She made it look simple though it’s way harder to match her energy and smile throughout the performance,” shared an Instagram user.

Another added, “No words, you are just so damn good.”

“Now this one needs real appreciation for being so effortless and smooth!” posted a third.

A fourth commented, “After ages I have seen someone dancing so freely.”

“She is me, me is she,” expressed a fifth.

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