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Shah Rukh Khan was one of the many guests at Sunny Deol’s recently hosted success party for his hit action drama film Gadar 2. He attended the party with his wife-interior designer Gauri Khan on Saturday night. In a video, shared by a paparazzo account on Instagram, Shah Rukh and Sunny Deol posed for the paparazzi. (Also Read | From Darr to Gadar 2, here’s why Sunny Deol did not talk to Shah Rukh Khan all these years)

Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol hug at Gadar 2 party.
Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol hug at Gadar 2 party.

Shah Rukh and Sunny share a hug

The actors smiled for the photographers as they held each other and rested their heads next to each other. Shah Rukh and Sunny also shared a warm hug. They also blew kisses and waved at the paparazzi. Shah Rukh then escorted Sunny inside the party venue. Reacting to the clip, a fan wrote, “Felt good to see both together.” “Now Darr 2 will be made,” said an Instagram user.

For the party, Shah Rukh wore a navy blue T-shirt under a grey jacket and black cargo pants. He also wore sneakers. The actor tied his hair into a ponytail. Sunny was seen in a black T-shirt, blue blazer and pants.

Shah Rukh and Sunny worked in 1993 film Darr

Shah Rukh and Sunny previously worked together in the film Darr in 1993. It also featured Juhi Chawla in the lead role. After that, the actors had a long feud and reportedly didn’t speak to each other for 16 years.

Shah Rukh and Sunny’s feud

Recently, Sunny told Times Now, “Shah Rukh Khan had seen the film. Before that, he had called me and wished me well. He was so happy, and he told me ‘I’m so happy, you genuinely deserve it’ and I said thank you. Then I spoke to his wife (Gauri Khan) and his son (Aryan Khan). And he said tonight we are going to be watching this film. And after that, he had seen it, and I think that is when he tweeted.”

“It was so beautiful. Many times I’ve also called him up and we shared our thoughts on certain things,” he said and added, “About the past issues – whatever they were, I would say time heals everything and we move ahead. That’s the way life should be.”

The feud started when Sunny was not happy with how Shah Rukh’s character of a stalker was glorified in Darr when he was the ‘hero’. On Aap Ki Adalat he had said, “At the end of the day, people loved me in the film. They loved Shah Rukh Khan as well. My only issue with the film was that I did not know they would glorify the villain. I always work in films with an open heart and believe the person. I believe working with trust. Unfortunately, we have many actors and stars who don’t function in this manner. Maybe that’s the way they want to get their stardom.”


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