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A deer with a sweet appetite wandered into a candy shop to ‘look around’ the options available in the store. The shop owners captured the incident on camera and shared the pictures online.

Picture of the deer in the candyshop.(Facebook/@Buddy and Howie's Candy Store )
Picture of the deer in the candyshop.(Facebook/@Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store )

Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store took to Facebook and wrote, “We had a special visitor come in and check out the taffy boat this morning! He approves! Edit: added a video of the whole thing. Ocean Shores police, I think we have a taffy thief on our hands.” (Also Read: Deer take shelter alongside humans amid heavy rain, adorable video goes viral)

They also shared pictures of the deer walking into the store. In the comments section of the post, the owners also posted the video of the incident.

Take a look at the pictures of the deer wandering in the candy store here:

This post was shared on August 27. Since being posted, it has received a plethora of reactions. The share has also received a few comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this deer:

An individual wrote, “So sweet! Give the deer some candy.” A second added, “100% deer approved.” “What was the deer’s favourite flavour?” asked another. A fourth said, “Oh deer!”


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