Tanuj Virwani gets engaged to Tanya Jacob: It felt like the right time to settle

Actor Tanuj Virwani recently revealed his engagement to his longtime beau, Tanya Jacob, sharing photos from their special day on Instagram. “I am going to be turning 37 soon, so it just felt like the right time. We also don’t want to settle at 45 or something. My parents, especially my mother, have been wanting this to happen for a long time now. It’s about meeting the right person at the right time. I am very happy and filled with gratitude. Sometimes when you know, you know. You can’t just be practical; you have to make an emotional choice and listen to your heart at times,” he expresses, in his first interview after getting engaged.

Tanuj Virwani on getting engaged to Tanya Jacob
Tanuj Virwani on getting engaged to Tanya Jacob

Was it a grand proposal? “There was no grand proposal or anything. It’s just that we go back a really long way, and we have been speaking about it for a long while. She is from Singapore, so because of the distance, we were just trying to work out how things should be going ahead. Earlier this year, she shifted to India and has been living in Mumbai. We gathered with our family and friends on November 17 in Singapore and had a celebration where we exchanged rings,” Virwani answers.

The most important moment was “seeing our families and respected parents so happy,” he shares, adding, “Everyone gave some really heartwarming speeches. I’ve always been someone who prefers being fairly private about my love and personal life until I am ready to make things official, and that’s probably why I didn’t speak about my relationship status ever.”

While the couple hasn’t finalized details about the wedding day, the Bajao actor tells us that they are eager to take things to the next stage soon. “We haven’t decided on anything about the big day yet, but it will be fairly soon. We both are still trying to absorb the engagement moment. We are still figuring out the logistics and keeping everything else in mind. You can expect an announcement soon,” he wraps up.

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