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Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has earned praise from all across the globe and joining in among its admirers is YouTuber The Canadian Lad. For the first time, the film critic shared a review of Jawan and even shred three things which Hollywood, especially Marvel can learn from the film. He praised all from his female characters, action scenes to its title track in the video. Also read: Jawan creates history, becomes the first Hindi film to gross 1100 cr worldwide

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Jawan.
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Jawan.

He says in his review of Jawan, “Some of the action scenes in the movie are unlike anything I have seen before. What’s really great is that it has strong female characters without making the male character look bad. This is something missing in Hollywood right now, especially in Marvel movies where they try to create strong female characters but often don’t succeed. But Jawan is a great example of how to balance both aspects.”

Things Hollywood can learn from Jawan

He went on to share 3 things Hollywood could learn from Jawan “to return to its previous glory”. Talking about female characters like those played by Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Lehar Khan, he listed “Women empowerment done right” as the first point for Hollywood to take notes from.

Secondly, he hailed the “over blown action” in the film. He said, “Action scenes are not supposed to feel grounded, they are supposed to be over the top so that they blur the line between a hero and a superhero. And that’s what is missing in current Marvel phase 4 and 5.”

Thirdly, he pointed out the “real consequences” faced by characters like Deepika Padukone’s Aishwarya Rathore and Priyamani’s Laxmi in the film. He also said the no scene in the movie looked forced or extra.

Reactions to The Canadian Lad review of Jawan

Commenting on the video, a YouTube user wrote, “Literally this is how you portray women empowerment, unlike the sh*t we witnessed in She-hulk, it doesn’t feel forced and the women don’t just constantly rant about their sufferings and degrade the male characters…Loved the explanation.” Another wrote, “You got it right. Nobody watches movies to learn Physics, We need entertainment and JAWAN provides it in bundles.” A comment also read: “As an Indian i can testify, Hollywood doesn’t need to learn anything from us, it just needs to remember things it once knew.”

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