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Chaleya is Jawan’s second song, and it was released on August 14. Since then, people have been dancing to this song and sharing numerous choreographies on social media. Among them, a video went viral on Instagram and later made its way to X (formerly Twitter). It has grabbed the attention of none other than the man himself- Shah Rukh Khan! The actor was so impressed that he retweeted the video and added a sweet caption to it.

Women dancing to Chaleya on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.(Instagram/@samadnya.k)
Women dancing to Chaleya on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.(Instagram/@samadnya.k)

Instagram user Samadnya K shared the video online with the caption, “The end makes me emotional. These are the moments that make me want to create more content and connect with people beyond boundaries.”

The video opens to show two women dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge to Jawan song Chaleya. As the video goes on, strangers join them and try copying their dance moves. The crowd around them erupted into applause as the performance came to an end.

But before we tell you what Shah Rukh Khan wrote, watch this dance video here:

This particular video made its way to X after Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club tweeted it. It quickly gained traction online and grabbed the actor’s attention. SRK wrote, “This is amazing! Thank you for bringing #Chaleya to Brooklyn Bridge, girls! Love you,” while resharing the video shared by the fan club.

The actor’s tweet on X was viewed by over 1.6 lakh people. Of these, over 4,600 people liked it. Many even dropped their reactions to this dance video.

Here’s what people are saying about this dance video:

“Outstanding,” posted an individual.

“Besties have been blessed by the king himself,” wrote another.

A third claimed, “That’s my sister. Oh my god. Thank you Shah Rukh Khan!”

“I genuinely don’t know how to process the fact that SHAH RUKH KHAN saw my sister’s video. OMG,” shared a fourth.

“Awesome,” expressed a fifth.


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