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A video that has left many people stunned on the Internet shows an interaction between a tiger and a bear. The video was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by IFS officer Susanta Nanda.

Picture of a bear approaching a tiger. (Twitter/@SusantaNanda)
Picture of a bear approaching a tiger. (Twitter/@SusantaNanda)

The clip has been recorded from a safari tour. It opens to show a bear approaching a tiger. As people anticipate a fight between the two wild animals, the tiger wags its tale for the bear, and both animals can be seen staring at each other. (Also Read: Duck outsmarts tiger trying to hunt it. Watch)

In the caption of the post, IFS Susanta Nanda informs, “While people in safari wanted- ‘fight hone de [let the fight happen]’- it was an affable interaction. Tiger use their tails to communicate with each other. An upright, slowly wagging tail indicates friendliness. Bear understood the language.”

Watch the video of the tiger and the bear here:

This post was shared just one day ago. Since being posted, it has gone viral with close to 38,000 views. The share has also received several likes and comments.

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An individual wrote, “Highly impressive gesture by both the tiger and the bear. These qualities unveil their sense of considerateness and sensitivity towards each other.” A second added, “This is awesome, thanks for sharing.” A third posted, “Wow.” A fourth said, “Missing jungle book episode.”

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