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Former actor and now a bestselling author, Twinkle Khanna has written about her relationship with her eldest child, son Aarav, in her new column. She spoke about a recent incident that made her realise that her son has indeed grown up and has the right to privacy, even from her. (Also read: Twinkle Khanna poses with Rishi Sunak: ‘Sudha Murty remains my hero, but it was pretty cool meeting her son-in-law’)

Twinkle Khanna is finally learning how to be a better friend to her son Aarav.
Twinkle Khanna is finally learning how to be a better friend to her son Aarav.

When the child grows up…

In her Sunday column for The Times of India, Twinkle wrote about contacting her health insurance agent and asking her how often her two dependents–21-years-old Aarav and 11-years-old Nitara–have visited visited the doctor. The agent told her that he could share Nitara’s details as she is minor but not Aarav’s as he is an adult now with a right to privacy. Twinkle did not take it well and called up her son to share his account password with her.

Aarav, however, gave her a curt reply, “Mom, I have used only four visits in the entire year, and you know that because you insisted on coming with me for all of them! While I am happy to answer all your questions, I am not giving you my password. I am 21, not 12; I can handle my own things.”

Akshay’s advice

Twinkle was rather hurt by the realisation that Aarav has created such clear ‘looming electric fences’ between them and even made an emotional diary entry about mothers getting ‘discarded’ when their kids don’t need them anymore.

She also spoke to husband Akshay Kumar about it, who reminded her that their daughter Nitara still needs her. “What are you moaning about the empty nest when our daughter is still here, and you seem to always be busy working anyway,” he told her. But she wouldn’t be consoled and felt useless after not being needed by Aarav after taking care of him all his life.

Dimple’s words of wisdom

However, it was a conversation with mom Dimple Kapadia that made her realise Aarav is simply doing to her what she has always done to her mother. She decided to try to be Aarav’s friend now that her role as a nurturer was complete.

Twinkle recently finished her Master’s degree from Goldsmith’s in London. She quit acting a few years ago to focus on her writing career.



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