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A US restaurant has surprised everyone with a spooky claim ahead of Halloween. The eatery posted that its motion detector alarms were set off by a ghost. The place even shared CCTV footage claiming that the ‘mist-like’ object captured on the video indicates the presence of a poltergeist on its premises.

The image is taken from the CCTV footage provided by the US restaurant. (Facebook/@Library Restaurant)
The image is taken from the CCTV footage provided by the US restaurant. (Facebook/@Library Restaurant)

The Library Restaurant, located in the USA’s New Hampshire, took to Facebook to share the video and explain about the incident. The eatery added that setting off of the alarms also triggered a response from the local police.

“Our building – the Rockingham – is well known for its ghosts and notably the ones in the Library basement. Last night, for the very first time our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were set off by this camera motion caught on video in the dead of night outside the window. The motion detectors inside cannot see what the camera outside sees!” the Library Restaurant wrote.

“It is not lights from the car – because you can see how others are picked up and there is no horizontal wind blowing. So what can this be! Make of it what you will but this has never happened before! Spooky coincidence for the time of year? Ps our Police rock, showing up to check it all out in double quick time 1:18,” the establishment added.

The video opens to show a street in front of the restaurant at night. It captures something smoke-like passing in front of the camera.

Take a look at this video that the eatery claims shows a ‘ghost’:

The post was shared a few days ago. Since then, it has collected several likes and views. The video has further accumulated varied comments from people. From expressing their wonder to sharing their doubt, people posted varied opinions.

How did Facebook users react to this video?

“So that whiff of (smoke?) wasn’t just through the air outside, it was also inside the building too? That’s what set off the inside motion detectors? (not the blinking lights or car headlights) correct? That is spooky,” posted a Facebook user. “It looks like smoke,” added another. “You can see a poltergeist going by the camera. Very cool,” commented a third. “So are we gonna talk about the jump cut in the video at the time of the ‘ghost’? Or that the timecode in the upper right-hand corner skips from 02:29:30 to 02:31:04? But yea, totally legit, supernatural behaviour ‘caught on camera’,” wrote a fourth.

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