Veronica Vanij: It’s a real task to keep your fitness game up | Bollywood


Actor Veronica Vanij believes in going the extra mile to play her characters convincingly.

Veronica Vanij
Veronica Vanij

“Being an outsider, it’s only my hard work that will help me sustain and fetch me better work. I readily take up work that helps me mould my roles the way I want and bring that perfection we all aim for as actors. When I got this role in Non Stop Dhamaal, where I had to put on seven to eight kg, I didn’t think twice though I had a project lined up where I again had to be back to my original self. It’s a real task to keep your fitness game up.”

“Imagine becoming 60 kg from normal 52 kg and then shedding it. For us women, to gain weight is really big as an issue (laughs) but I had to take that step. So, khoob khaya…,” says the Bandh Tijori actor.

Talking about her weight transformation, she says, “As we all know, to pile on the kilos it’s not at all difficult. Whatever you can lay your hands on you just eat. I too ate whatever I had been skipping all these years, be it Indian sweets or desserts. I hogged anything and everything. “But then when you have to start to lose that’s when the real challenge begins. I had to re-work on my diet, add on to my exercise regimen and double up the effort to get back to square one. I am getting back there as it will take some more time, but I am happy that I did get a chance to evolve as a performer.”

On the work front, Vanij is happy that her last project got a theatrical release. “It was like a dream come true to see myself on the silver screen and now things are actually looking up. I will soon be starting shooting for another web series while my projects like Dreamy Singh and a web series Jo Hukum Mere Aaka with Shreyas Talpade will be out soon. So, this year will surely end on a promising note for me,” the actor


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