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During a photoshoot, a magical moment unfolded as a man went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, slipping a ring onto her hand. The heartwarming moment was captured on camera and shared online. Expectedly, it has gone viral, with many extending warm wishes and congratulations for the couple’s future.

Screengrab from the viral video shows a man proposing to her girlfriend. (Instagram/@gigisplayhouse)
Screengrab from the viral video shows a man proposing to her girlfriend. (Instagram/@gigisplayhouse)

“A magical moment at GiGi’s Leadership Conference 2023! During the GiGi’s Leadership Conference, Matthew Schwab Speaks, a motivational speaker and GiGi’s Ambassador for GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh, stunned everyone with a surprise proposal. The ‘group’ and ‘couples photoshoot’ turned into a breathtaking moment when he got down on one knee, ring in hand. Thank you, Lucia, Matthew, and family for allowing us to capture and be a part of this beautiful moment,” reads a part of the caption written alongside the video shared on Instagram.

The caption further reads, “Tears of joy and loving embraces from family and friends marked the beginning of their shared journey. So grateful his GiGi’s family of 60 GiGi’s Playhouse locations and start ups were there to celebrate with him and Lucia! A heartfelt ‘Yes’ sealed their future together, and we can’t wait to witness their love story unfold.”

The video opens to show the couple striking poses for the camera. As the video goes on, the man says, “I’ve got something to say to you.” He then says a few kind words for his lady love and asks if she would grant him the ‘greatest honor’ by marrying him. Stunned by the unexpected proposal, the woman says, “It’s a yes babe! It’s definitely a yes!” The two then embrace each other, and the man puts the ring on the woman’s hand.

Watch this heartwarming proposal video here:

The video was shared on November 9. It has since gone viral with over 9.5 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. The share has also raked up numerous responses from people.

Here’s how people reacted to this viral video:

“This is so beautiful. Sweet. Pure and innocent! I wish them all the best!” posted an individual.

Another added, “Omg he went to high school with me! Sweetest person, he was the life of that high school. Congratulations Matthew!”

“Crying because I’m happy for them but also because I’m forever alone,” shared a third.

A fourth commented, “The way he said her full name.”

“This is so freaking genuine and wholesome,” wrote a fifth.

A sixth joined, “She knew it already when they were taking pictures, every woman knows in some way or another when it’s about to happen.”


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