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Rakhi Sawant, who celebrates her 45th birthday on Saturday, was originally named Neeru Bheda and she once confessed that she ran away from her home, having stolen money from her parents. Rakhi was talking to Rajeev Khandelwal on a 2019 episode of the chat show JuzBaat when she recalled her past. (Also read: Rakhi wears red abaya with crown)

Rakhi Sawant celebrates her birthday on Saturday.
Rakhi Sawant celebrates her birthday on Saturday.

Rakhi Sawant or Neeru Bheda?

Rajeev Khandelwal first introduced her as Neeru Bheda, leaving her shocked and surprised and she admitted she is Neeru when he asked her. Rakhi further said that she was scared to talk about her own past and truth. She also recalled her mother telling her that they’d often pick food from the waste thrown away by their neighbours when they were kids.

Rakhi was beaten up for dancing

She also said that her father was a constable. β€œMy mom was an ayah in a hospital. How shoul I say this? Rajeev, I do not like talking about my own history.” Adding that no one in her family appreciated her interest in dancing and acting, Rakhi said, “Ghar me allowed nahi tha. Agar zara sa bhi maine dance kar liya aur mama ko pata chal gaya to wo aa ke haath saaf kar lete the. Mere khandan me ye nahi dekhte khana hai ya nahi, bus ladki ko nachna nahi hai. Maine zindagi me itni maar khai hai aage badhne ke liye, mere body me marks hain (It was not allowed at my place, my uncle would beat me up if he got to know that I danced. In my family, they did not care if we had food, but they could not have their girls dancing). That is the kind of situation I grew up in.”

Rakhi stole money from her parents

Rakhi also said that her parents just wanted to marry her off as soon as she grew old enough, but she resisted. β€œI said I do not want to get married at all and ran away, No one in my family knew anything about acting or photoshoots but when I came to the film industry, I just wanted to work here. I’d go to auditions and ask for work and say I’d act but I was lying all along, I did not know how to act. Then I reminded myself that I stole money, ran away from home – did all of that because I wanted to be a heroine.”

She further said that she had no idea what an item girl or character artist was so did not have any clue if there were any other ways of working in the industry. Rakhi also revealed that her father broke all relations with her and did not talk to her when she ran away.

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