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It is a well-known fact that Raj Kundra first met Shilpa Shetty as a fan of her appearance in Big Brother, before they fell in love. He was proud of her performance as an Indian, and had love for her which soon turned ‘lustful,’ Shilpa had once said. As they celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, we revisit the interview that Shilpa gave to Radio Oye! in 2015. (Also read: Shilpa Shetty heaps praise on Raj Kundra’s UT69, calls him a ‘natural’ actor)

Raj Kunra has been married to Shilpa Shetty for 14 years now.(Nitin Mirane)
Raj Kunra has been married to Shilpa Shetty for 14 years now.(Nitin Mirane)

Shilpa on Raj Kundra’s ‘lustful love’

Asked if it was friendship that developed into love or something else, Shilpa told the radio, “We both did not realise it….No! It was definitely love at first sight for Raj. It was actually like at first sight for me. When Raj first met me, I had just come out of Big Brother, and there was this craze (around me) in the UK. He, too, had similar feelings. He was proud as an Indian. He may be living there, but he is an Indian at heart. I think it was a different kind of love, which then blossomed and became obviously, lustful.”

Shilpa on why she got married

When the interviewer playfully chided Shilpa for asking Raj to lose weight when he proposed to her, Shilpa said, “But, I also had to lust him na? Sorry, I am sounding very shallow right now but.” During the interview, Shilpa also revealed that she got married to her friend when she married Raj. She added that she only got married because her parents were against the idea of live-in. “And, our phone bills were really high. We could have bought a house with that amount, we used to talk so much.”

Raj and Shilpa

Raj Kundra got married in 2009 and they celebrate 14th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. They are parents to two kids – Viaan and Samisha. Together, they have sailed through the thick and thin of life for more than a decade.

In his debut film, Raj revealed how Shilpa stood by his side when he served a jail sentence in relation with a porn racket. Titled UT 69, the film released earlier this month in theatres. Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, the film showcased Raj’s experience in the jail without taking sides in the ongoing case.

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