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Underwater adventurers often love exploring places that others would normally think twice before venturing. They often capture their feats and share those videos on social media. Certified freediver Kendra Nicole is among them too. She often shares her experiences of diving on social media, and the videos leave people astonished.

The image shows a woman crossing an underwater tunnel. (Instagram/@kendrathefloridagirl)
The image shows a woman crossing an underwater tunnel. (Instagram/@kendrathefloridagirl)

Nicole took to Instagram to share a video that shows her swimming through an extremely narrow tunnel. “Think skinny, think skinny,” she jokingly wrote as she posted the video. She also added that the video is recorded using GoPro.

The video opens to show Nicole wearing divers gear and swimming in an underwater cave. She is also seen recording her adventure below water. Soon she approaches a tunnel and starts swimming through it. What, however, is quite unnerving to see is how the tunnel keeps getting narrower. At one point, it seems like she will get stuck in the tunnel. Thankfully, the skillful diver swims out of the space and reaches the surface.

Take a look at this intriguing viral video of the diver:

The video was shared a few months ago. Since then, it has gone crazy viral. Till now, it has accumulated close to 80.1 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. The share has also received tons of comments from people.

How did Instagram users react to this diving video?

“I was so worried she would get stuck. Regardless skinny or not, it would have still been dangerous underwater. Glad she was safe and got out,” posted an Instagram user. “How long can you hold your breath?” asked another. To which, Nicole replied, “Well, static is almost 3 minutes on a GOOD day, but dive time is up to 1:45.” A third added, “This gave me so much anxiety.”

A fourth posted, “Have you ever gotten stuck? Like obviously you got out but how the heck do you know you’re gonna fit.” Nicole replied, “I test them out before. And. I have a safety diver on top and bottom.” A fifth wrote, “I’m feeling claustrophobic in an open room.”

What are your thoughts on the video? How did the video showing Nicole diving through an extremely small tunnel make you feel?

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