World Cup final: Celebs all set to cheer for Indian cricket team

As the anticipation builds for the highly awaited World Cup final match, a blend of excitement and patriotism is taking center stage with celebrities coming together to cheer for the men in blue.

Actors Pratik Gandhi and Saumya Tandon will watch the match with their family and friends
Actors Pratik Gandhi and Saumya Tandon will watch the match with their family and friends

Pratik Gandhi

I am so excited for the match. It is really special. I will watch the match at home with my family, and cheer for the whole team. We have a brilliant team at the moment, with everyone showing their strengths be it at bowling or batting. We have already won the tournament by winning all the matches till now. We have defeated all the teams. We are the winners, no matter what the final outcome is.

Saumya Tandon

This time, I am so sure that the cup is coming home. This will be the hattrick World Cup trophy coming home. Team India is in great form. The 2003 semi finals memory has to be replaced with India beating Australia this time in World Cup semifinals. I am watching the match at home on my projector with friends and food. It’s a full elaborate evening planned. I was in two minds if I should fly to Ahmedabad for the match but eventually decided to be back home and watch with friends.

Sheezan Khan

I am rooting for India. I will watch the final match at home without batting an eyelid. India has to win. We all are sure about it. Virat Kohli has delivered so well and how. I am sure everyone is expecting India to win.

Arjun Bijlani

There is no doubt that I want India to win. I will watch it at home with my son. I am sure it will be an eventful match. The whole of India will be watching it with bated breath. India should win, and I am sure they will win.

Shreya Dhanwanthary

I don’t think anyone is rooting for any other country apart from Mera Bharat Mahaan. We are going in (the match) undefeated and they’re gonna stay that way! We are the WC Champions 2023! Let’s Gooooo. I am cheering for the whole team.

Asha Negi

I am rooting for the whole team. I am so pepped up. I am going to a friend’s house in Mumbai with my gang to watch the match together. We all will watch the match together and cheer loudly. There will be lots of food and dancing because India is going to win.

Sikander Kher

I’m going to be watching it at home because most of the matches I’ve seen at my home in Mumbai have ended well. It has been a tremendous World Cup for us and I hope we lift the cup tomorrow. I am cheering for the whole team.

Dino Morea

I am so excited to watch the match. I hope nothing jinxes it. We have won every single match, and if we win the final one it will be a special feeling. The excitement can’t be described in words. I am going to watch it with my friends on a big screen. I am rooting for the whole team, especially Virat Kohli on the batting side, and Mohammed Shami on bowling. The whole team has done well, under the captainship of Rohit Sharma. Everything’s coming together, I hope it is a great ending for everyone.

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