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A brain teaser has been gaining much traction on Instagram and has left people thinking about the possible solution. It features a logical reasoning question related to year, month, week and day. So, are you ready to don your thinking cap and delve into this intriguing challenge?

Can you solve this mind-bending brain teaser?(Instagram/@menace3k)
Can you solve this mind-bending brain teaser?(Instagram/@menace3k)

“Brain teaser,” reads the caption alongside the question shared on Instagram. The brain teaser features a logical reasoning question, “What comes once in a year, twice in a month, four times in a week and six times in a day?” Can you solve it?

Take a look at the brain teaser here:

The brain teaser was shared a few hours ago on Instagram. It has since accumulated over 1.3 lakh views, and the numbers are still increasing. A few even took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

Check out a few reactions here:

“Odd numbers but I’m too lazy to explain it,” joked an individual.

Another added, “The letter R.”

“Odd numbers you all,” wrote a third.

A fourth commented, “Tomorrow.”

“As, it appears once in a year. Twice in a month, February. Three times in a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Four times in a day: Three am, four am, three pm, four pm,” wrote a fifth, referring to the number of times the letter ‘R’ comes.

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