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There are several videos that show the antics of a cat. From them jumping around in a house to play with their pet parents to them politely knocking on doors, these videos never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Now, another such cat-related video is going viral on social media. It shows a cat running away from its bath time. The clip will surely make you chuckle.

Snapshot of the cat after its bath.
Snapshot of the cat after its bath.

The video opens to show the owners of a cat trying to catch it and take it for a bath. Once they get hold of the cat and pour some water on it, the kitty manages to slip away. Then, once again, the pet parents were seen running after it to give it a proper bath. This video was shared on Instagram by the handle mention handle.

Watch the video of the cat here:

This post was shared on social media a while ago. Since being posted, it has gained more than one million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments.

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An individual wrote, “He is so cute.”

A second shared, “How did you get the cat sit so patiently? My cat just runs away.”

“So cute,” posted a third.

Many others reacted to the clip using heart emojis.

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