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A video featuring a Mini Cockapoo has gone viral on Instagram and is leaving people amazed and curious. The video showcases Luna, the dog, solving math problems effortlessly, one after the other. Her pet parent, Jared, praises her with a “good job” after every correct answer. The video is captivating and will surely leave you in awe.

The dog named Luna answering the maths question. (Instagram/@lunatheminicockapoo)
The dog named Luna answering the maths question. (Instagram/@lunatheminicockapoo)

“Her thinking faces after each one,” reads the caption to the video shared on the Instagram page dedicated to Luna. The page has numerous videos where Jared presents maths questions, and his dog answers them like a pro.

The now-viral video starts with the pet parent asking Luna a simple maths question. Luna then does some mental calculations and uses her paws to answer the question correctly. As the video goes on, Jared throws two more maths questions at her, and she answers both of them correctly. The text overlay on the video reads, “Maths with my dog.”

Watch the video right here:

The video was shared four days ago on Instagram. It has since gone crazy viral on the Internet with over 24.3 million views and still counting. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

Check out how people reacted to this viral video:

An Instagram user posted, “How do you teach her to do this maths? I am really curious.”

“She’s literally thinking about it,” wrote another.

A third added, “I’m pretty sure I saw her mouth moving a little as she was figuring out that last one!”

“Just saying I knew them all too,” joked a fourth.

A fifth commented, “Omg she is so smart.”

“She is so smart. Love her thinking face,” expressed a sixth.

A seventh joined, “That dog deserves the best doggo meal with a special treat.”

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