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A video of an interaction between two cats has gone viral on Reddit. The clip shows how a cat reacts after another kitty bites it out of nowhere. The clip may leave you laughing out loud.

The image shows the cats looking at each other. (X/@Baskerville84)
The image shows the cats looking at each other. (X/@Baskerville84)

The video opens to show a cat lying in a pet bed and another getting out of it. The cat lying in the bed suddenly gets up and bites the other one without any provocation. At first, the other cat gets really baffled and pauses momentarily. However, it then goes on to take its revenge and smacks the cat who bit it.

Take a look at this hilarious cat video:

The video was posted three days ago. Since then, the clip has accumulated over 17,000 upvotes, and the numbers are quickly increasing. Additionally, the share has also received tons of comments from people. While some tried imagining the thoughts of the cats, others simply expressed how they enjoyed the video.

What did Reddit users say about this cat video?

“He knew he deserved it so bad lol,” posted a Reddit user. “Yeah. He didn’t even fight back. Took his punishment like a champ,” shared another. “Well, well, well… if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions,” expressed a third.

“The white cat puts its weight on the left paw then switches it up to the right to jab with the left quickly after baiting the defence, pretty neat,” commented a third. “Man, I wanna get a cat so bad. They’re just weirdly entertaining. I could watch this all day,” wrote a fifth.


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