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Kangana Ranaut has reacted to the proposed resolution to rename India as Bharat. The Thalaivii actor took to Twitter (now named X) and shared an old Hindustan Times report of her statement in which she had called for the change of the name India two years ago. Then, in a recent tweet, she detailed the importance of the name of ‘Bharat.’ (Also read: Amitabh Bachchan tweets ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ amid India’s name change buzz)

Kangana Ranaut says the name Bharat is 'meaningful.'
Kangana Ranaut says the name Bharat is ‘meaningful.’

Kangana on renaming India to Bharat

Kangana had re-shared on her Instagram Stories, a screenshot of a post of her statement from 2021. It was reported by Hindustan Times. She had then suggested that the country should do away from the name India and must be thereafter called ‘Bharat’ instead. In another tweet, she re-shared a fan post on X who said that the actor is always ahead from others. She wrote, “And some call it black magic …. It’s simply Grey matter honey (similing face emoticon) Congratulations to everyone!! Freed from a slave name … Jai Bharat.”

What Kangana said

In her most recent post on the micro-blogging site, Kangana shared a detailed note on the history of the name over the years. She wrote, “What is there to love in this name? First of all they couldn’t pronounce ‘Sindhu’ toh usko bigad ke ‘ Indus’ kar diya. Phir kabhi Hindos kabhi Indos kuch bhi gol mol karke India bana diya. (They turned Sindhu into Indus. Then Hindos became Indos) From the time of Mahabharata, all the kingdoms who participated in the Great War of Kurukshetra came under one continent called Bharat so why were they calling us Indu Sindu??

“Also the name Bharat is so meaningful, what is the meaning of India ? I know they called Red Indians that because in olden English Indian simply meant a slave, they named us Indians because that was our new identity given to us by British. Even in olden days dictionary Indian’s meaning was mentioned as slave they recently changed it. Also it’s not our name we are Bhartiya not Indians.”

The reports for renaming emerged after an official dinner invitation for G20 delegates from Rashtrapati Bhavan went viral on social media. Instead of The President of India, the invitation was from President of Bharat.

On the work front, Kangana will be next seen in Chandramukhi 2. She plays the role of a dancer in the king’s court, who was known for her beauty and dance skills. The film is set to release in theatres on September 19. She also has Emergency and Tejas in the pipeline.

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