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Are you fond of solving puzzles? We have a puzzle that will leave you in search of answers. The challenge is to find the letter ‘M’ in the picture.

Will you be able to solve this puzzle? (Instagram/@mathcince)
Will you be able to solve this puzzle? (Instagram/@mathcince)

This puzzle was shared on Instagram by handle @mathcince. A text inlay on the video reads, “Can you find M in five seconds?” The video shows various letters, among them the letter “M” is hidden. Try to spot it! (Also Read: This challenging math puzzle will leave you scratching your head)

Your time starts now!

Take a look at the post shared by the Instagram page here:

This post was shared just a few days ago. Since being shared, it has been viewed more than 15,000 times. The share also has several likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about this viral puzzle here:

An individual wrote, “It is in the third line.”

A second added, “I spotted it in the fourth row.”

“I found it, but it took me so much time,” expressed another.

A fourth shared, “7 is correct one. Because there is no m in 5th row. Please just verify it once again. Thank you.” Fix this comment

Were you able to solve this puzzle? How much time did it take you to solve i

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