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A video showing a jealous cat’s reaction to its human petting a dog has left people chuckling. What makes the video even more amusing is that the narration in the video is done imagining the cat’s thoughts.

The image shows a cat looking at its human petting a dog. (Instagram/@mr.milothechonk)
The image shows a cat looking at its human petting a dog. (Instagram/@mr.milothechonk)

The video is posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the cat named Milo. The video is posted with a caption that reads, “Milo laid down the law.”

The clip opens to show the cat looking at something in the distance with an expression of dissatisfaction flashing across its face. As the camera pans to the other side, it becomes clear that the kitty is reacting to a scene unfolding in front of it – a dog sitting on its human’s lap. The video also captures how the cat tries removing the dog from its seat, and after multiple attempts succeeds in doing so.

Take a look at this video of the jealous cat:

The video was posted on August 31. Since being shared, it has accumulated close to two million views, and the numbers are increasing. The video has also gathered tons of comments.

What did Instagram users say about this cat video?

“This is hilarious. This cat looks like this is exactly how he would sound. I love this,” commented an Instagram user. “Milo needs his own reality show,” expressed another. “You really made Milo’s point of view. Thank you! And ‘my inferior’,” shared a third. “I am literally crying with laughter,” posted a fourth. “This is the Milo content I live for,” wrote a fifth.

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