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Actor Priyanka Chopra is back to her first home in US, New York. On Wednesday, Priyanka’s manager Anjula Acharia shared a couple of pictures with the actor as they hung out with their NRI friends and Kelly Ripa. (Also read: Meet Anjula Acharia, the entrepreneur behind Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood breakthrough)

Priyanka Chopra was in New York and hung out with a bunch of NRI celebrities.
Priyanka Chopra was in New York and hung out with a bunch of NRI celebrities.

The photos show Priyanka looking great in a black outfit. She posed for a group picture with American TV host Kelly Ripa, Kama Sutra actor Sarita Choudhury, singer Jay Sean and even actor Kal Penn. A second picture showed Priyanka posing for a selfie with Anjula.

Anjula captioned the post, “We had such a warm and wonderful night hosting our girl @priyankachopra being in town with friends and family.” Jay Sean commented, “Such a lovely night! Thankyou @anjula_acharia @furhan_ahmad.” Never Have I Ever star Poorna Jagganathan was ‘Very j (jealous)’ so have missed out on the party. Anjula suggested that she should move to NYC. Kelly wrote, “Now that was a good night! Thank you @anjula_acharia and @furhan_ahmad for the dazzling time. Welcome back @priyankachopra.”

When Priyanka started working in Hollywood, her first flat was in New York. She even opened a restaurant in New York, called Sona but is no longer associated with it. However, she doesn’t have fond memories of her time in NYC. When she was living in New York and shooting for Quantico in 2016, Priyanka said in her book that she underwent a dark chapter in her life where she was living away from friends and family and couldn’t shake off being sad.

She said in an interview, “I’ve thought about that phase in my life a lot. And my body needed to mourn, my heart needed to mourn, and yeah, you know, I needed pizzas to do it. I allowed myself to do that…pizza and a bottle of wine and a sh*tty movie. I reached a point where I knew that bottom had been hit. And now, the only way was up.”

Anjula has been Priyanka’s representative in the West. She has helped her secure major brand deals, sign big budget Hollywood projects and more.

Priyanka will be seen next with John Cena and Idris Elba in Heads of State.


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