Raghav Juyal undergoes fitness transformation; but says ‘I can’t maintain it’

Raghav Juyal has been sharing pictures on his Instagram post the physical transformation, which he has done for the next film. While it’s grabbing a lot of eyeballs, the actor tells us it “wasn’t easy” and took a lot more from him that he thought.

Raghav Juyal has been treating fans to his transformation pictures.
Raghav Juyal has been treating fans to his transformation pictures.

“I am playing the lead antagonist in my next and embodying this role required a transformation that pushed me beyond my limits. It was a nine month long journey of intense training that included mixed martial arts training. In addition, I dedicated significant time to playing football to amp up my lower body strength for the action sequences,” shares the actor, adding, “No matter how difficult the process is, Juyal says it’s a conscious move “to look physically different for every film I do and every character that I play.”

Before venturing into acting, Juyal carved a niche in the industry as a professional dancer and hence, knew how to stay in shape. “I am a dancer and have been working on my body since childhood. Moreover, I have been into hiking, and trekking. All of this takes a lot of discipline,” he shares. “However, this transformation triggered some different muscles. This level of physical transformation needed a whole new level of commitment for me. But overall, the experience was challenging yet fun.”

Having said that, he is in no mood to maintain the physique he has built. “I feel it’s too much effort to maintain that physique. Main nahi kar sakta wo,” he says. But doesn’t he feel the pressure to meet the set standards of the industry for the hero to look a certain way. “I don’t take the pressure of looking a certain way set by the industry. Biceps ho, abs ho, aisa dikho, waise raho…I can’t do that. All I focus upon is the way my character looks on screen, and for that, I can go to any length,” he ends.

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